Tank Companies and Ranks

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Tank Companies and Ranks

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Tank Companies and Ranking
A Tank Company will consist of 6 member groups within GHOST that will usually play together and train together in PvP and PvE games. The Company will be divided into 2 PvP groups, and 1 PvE group and be lead by at least 2 Officer Ranked Members a CO and XO. The Structure of a Ghost Tank company will go as follows:

CO - Commanding Officer [Lead of PvE Operations][Lead of PvP Group 1]
XO - Executive Officer [2nd in command of PvE Operations][Lead of PvP Group 2]
Team Member 1 - Officer or Enlisted Rank [Assigned to PvP Group 1]
Team Member 2 - Officer or Enlisted Rank [Assigned to PvP Group 2]
Team Member 3 - Enlisted Rank [Assigned to Either PvP Group]
Team Member 4 - Enlisted Rank [Assigned to Either PvP Group]

Ranks of [GHOST]:
Enlisted -

Private First Class
Staff Sergeant
Sergeant First Class
Master Sergeant
First Sergeant
Sergeant Major
Command Sergeant Major


Warrant Officer
Chief Warrant Officer 2
Chief Warrant Officer 3
Chief Warrant Officer 4
Chief Warrant Officer 5
Second Lieutenant
First Lieutenant
Lieutenant Colonel
Brigadier General
Major General
Lieutenant General
General of the Army

Promotions in [GHOST] will be determined by the participation of the members, and should be submitted to the CO of each Tank Company and turned into the Battalion Chief of Staff no later than the last Thursday of every month.

Let’s get something clear here, we are a friendly relaxed Gaming Battalion and these ranks are only for show. You’re also not limited to only platooning with your assigned Company. If someone is not on from a particular platoon go have fun with them. If these ranks and positions mean more to you then having fun, [GHOST] might not be the place for you, so please be wary of asking questions like, “where is my promotion?” We won’t forget about you but we are here to have fun to, not to work every hour of the day when we just want to go blow up noobs like the rest of you, so let’s have a little respect.


Q: Can I be in more than one Platoon/Company?
A: Yes. You can be assigned up to 2 Companies, but again you’re free to play with any company, and the second company you’re assigned to you will be consider a reserve member, meaning they can not submit you for promotion.

Q: So we can only be promoted once a month?
A: No I said you can be submitted for promotion by your Company CO once a Month, I never said you would get that promotion. Though Promotions will only be handed out at the beginning of every month so theoretically you could get a promotion once a month as an Enlisted Member.

Q: How do I move from Enlisted to Officer Ranking?
A: Show us that you are participating in the game. Help out the Newer members of the Battalion, show them around the game and let the officers see you have the drive to be a leader. Recommendations to become a Leader must come from the Top Brass.

Q: How do I become the Leader of my own Tank Company?
A: Once you have been an Officer for a while and show us you have the drive for leadership, and if we have enough members to form at the very least a PvP company of 3 members, a Leader will be chosen from the Officers not assigned to duties within another Company. If However you are the XO of a Company and wish to take command of your own, You must make that wish clear to your CO by Stepping down from the XO position. There will likely be a thread on the forums about this once we get a website going.

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